What to take to the hospital of things:

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Utensils (cup, spoonful, plate)

Notebook and pen

Meals in a hospital bearable, may eat. Honestly after delivery a some perfect to sit on this food. It is you keep adapted, under the newborn (that rash was not). May take with watter bags and sahorka. All a rest of a option will bring relatives.

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What need be taken to the hospital with the clothes for themselves:

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Robe - it's the casual wear in the hospital.

Nightgown or pajamas (to substitute a duo of items). I loved it at the hospital wear nice nochnuzhku for nursing mums. She's kind of like a dress with hidden cuts for infant feeding. Highly convenient.


Bras for nursing moms. (Preferably a couple).

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What to write newborn in winter

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Winter on a court, and the time came to give birthday to you? Of course, you are along prepared for a hospital bag, diapers, diapers, hats and raspashenki lovingly purchased grandmother, stroller and playpen - dad. On a agenda is a question of what to write baby in winter?

To start, decide whether you request to buy something that is versatile and wearable for some time and still must beautiful bows and delicate lace? Usually with a 1st newborn choose it is the second, however grandmothers, my father and my mother certainly require the most lovely and good for a baby, but no one really does not know that a beautiful and practicality do not always go together. How, consider a options of clothing for winter discharge.

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Father and baby

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Man is by nature trapped and bound in the emotions, as a mother want always help her husband to come into contact with a child.

Must start so early however pregnancy, tell a future pope that you feel apply his hand to his stomach, let him feel a child kicking. Be sure to take along on her husband's scheduled ultrasound. When he sees a newborn on the screen, hear the beating some heart, you will understand that in your, there was something incredible and magical. Normally right later ultrasound beautiful dad start talking tummy, stroking it. Scientists get along shown that while in a womb, children hear a intonation and voice, so when a magnetically father for the first time takes the child in his arms and said to him, the kid has a loved one feels and behaves quietly.

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Child Baby - additional required procedures

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Cutting nails - with the development of a child's nails must to trim it. This is normally enough to do once a 7 days. Nail clippers best buy particular infants's scissors.

Candy crust on the scalp or dandruff - in children is that the crust is formed on a head, the brownness of his worry causing itching. Chocolate-brown on a head or the request to remove dandruff.

How to remove the crust with a child's head. 2-3 hours before bathing child grease thick head sunflower butter or mineral butter. Later bathing, you can schesat great comb this crust or dandruff.

Bathing a newborn

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How do I care for a newborn newborn

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During his stay in a nursing home prettily mom trained to maintain proper feeding and upkeep of the fresh.

After being discharged with the hospital newborn upkeep must be taken of the conditions to ensure proper progress of the child in a family.

With the much 1st days after discharge from the hospital the newborn attractive mum helps infants poliklinnnka. Come home GP, nurse.

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