What to take to the hospital of things:


Utensils (cup, spoonful, plate)

Notebook and pen

Meals in a hospital bearable, may eat. Honestly after delivery a some perfect to sit on this food. It is you keep adapted, under the newborn (that rash was not). May take with watter bags and sahorka. All a rest of a option will bring relatives.

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What need be taken to the hospital with the clothes for themselves:


Robe - it's the casual wear in the hospital.

Nightgown or pajamas (to substitute a duo of items). I loved it at the hospital wear nice nochnuzhku for nursing mums. She's kind of like a dress with hidden cuts for infant feeding. Highly convenient.


Bras for nursing moms. (Preferably a couple).

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Dining untimely children


Nutrition of early infants need be limited and method feed them natural. Naturally, a infants born earlier a term is not however comfortably-developed reflexes, how in children who were born in time. That is why on feeding method is to pick out the pose in which a newborn will be automatically swallowing milk and will not trigger a gag reflex rejection of diet food.

Do not be alarmed if a medical man recommends that you feed a newborn through a tube. This type of schedule for administered to babies who were born with extremely poor birth weight. A future step is bottle feeding, then how and when a sucking reflex will be potential to run to a full warm feeding.

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How to look for infants


What changes in the hygienic conditions of a newborn 9-12 weeks? A apartment where a child usually want remain free and not clogged unneeded things, putting weekly exposed to wet cleaning and airing 2-3 times daily.

However a child long enough spends his time on a floor and touching various items earlier each meal he has to washing his hand.

After the meal, be sure to wash a face.

By the end of the 1st year of your, a baby has not already formed Skill potty, newborn often forgets around such demands, how it has to wash out away a few minutes a day.

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Eating baby in 9 months is very versatile.


At this age, a child is extremely good porridge - except millet. Any grain from which to prepare porridge for a child, must long to seethe the water. Munk and corn - 20 minutes, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a some hours. Alone later, when the grits finally seethe, it is mixed with natural milk and so to boil again. When the porridge for the newborn is ready, it added natural butter - now it is not indispensable boil well, child is grown. And wipe the mess through a sieve may be only 1 time.

The most helpful are yet buckwheat and rice.

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Child Baby - cook and polish apartment where a child lives.


What you should to maintain cleanliness we know presently a little more detail so this is good done. Small room or a place for a child is better to prepare in advance. All a extra things to create. You must to prepare for the newborn comfortable area - is:

1. Cot.

2. Shelf or cabinet for children and only children! clothes, things, subjects of leaving.

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