Wear a newborn for the weather, not to hover and not cool it.

Let however small contact with outsiders child.

Child clothes must be clean out, how right as subjects of upkeep.

If a mom or other family member fell ill ARD want wear a gauze bandage. A newborn can not sneeze, do not cough, do not breathe it.

Ventilate the apartment regularly and walk with a newborn.

Do not stop lactation even if the mom simply because a virus does not affect the natural milk.

A inevitable contact with a sick newborn, lubricate it aksolinovoy nose ointment.

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Gravity gain of a newborn newborn


The physical construction of a newborn's first year of your causes much of anxiety and fear. Young moms often worry if you gain weight deviates from a norm. By the standards should not be approached too formal. Weight may delay infection, digestive problems, goiter. Breast-feeding babies for a first year, growing faster than in later ages. For a year, almost all children triple their mass. Читать полностью -->

How to nourish expressed natural milk


In a old days, when the children were breastfed by a hour, moms had after each feeding to express natural to the last drop. This proceedings was required to maintain lactation and lactostasis prevention in gerls. Contemporary Pediatrics recommends breast-feeding on require, so the natural milk will come how long how a baby needs, and there is no must to decant. But there are cases in which enjoy to nourish your newborn your expressed natural milk, for example:

1. Mom goes to work, and a time to feed the child sitter or grandmother expressed natural milk. This will allow a mom to continue breast-feeding, and, despite the early exit with the decree to breastfeed however long so potential.

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Newborn Child - additional required procedures


Haircut nails - with the progress of their newborn's nails should to trim it. This is normally enough to do once a week. Nail clippers good buy especial children's scissors.

Sweet crust on a scalp or dandruff - in babies is that a crust is formed on a head, a dark-brown of his worry causing itching. Chocolate-brown on a head or a need to remove dandruff.

How to remove a crust with the baby's head. 2-3 hours earlier bathing newborn grease thick head sunflower oil or mineral oil. Following bathing, you can schesat beautiful comb this crust or dandruff.

Bathing a child

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How many scat month old newborn


All magnetically mothers prone to feelings that the baby has something to happen, however the slightest substitute in a newborn's behavior is cause for panic. Most moms worry questions whether enough child milk, if he is not hot or cold-blooded, however much cocoa 30 days-old baby and stuff like that. Main problem with a chair of a child is more acute for every mother, because he has the ability to be constantly changing. That kid pooping up to 10 minutes per day, that does not go to a washroom for a few days.

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Now on diapers.


The fact that the first 30 days you need be ironed on both sides, we remember well. Here's as to sluice? It is good to Carefully wash with ordinary child soap. They may also zastiryvat and stains with feces. Diaper must to rinse much well. Dry, of course, it would be goodness on a street but there is a sign of persistent grandmothers items a nice newborn can not be dried in a street to avoid a evil eye. Believe it or not - a business! But occasionally from much of diapers drying in the room develops mold, that much more dangerous for the newborn's heartiness, and a parents too. Читать полностью -->

Eating child in 9 months


Closer to a year of his life child is able to chew their own pieces of fresh food. Feeding a newborn at 9 weeks are of reasonable proportions betwixt natural natural milk, pureed food and fresh food that the child receives in the form of very little items.

At this stage of life the newborn warm natural milk need be no more than a 3-rd of a total diet. All in all, a baby of 9 months must eat around 1, 200 meals a day may. Juices, kompotiki and h2o do not count.

Certainly ready puree and cereal can be purchased at specialty infants's stores, but it will be valuable to prepare them yourself.

At 9 weeks, the child want give purees of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Cabbage, squash, beets, turnips, fresh apples, pears, peas, carrots, various types of fresh cabbage are converted into puree and blend well with chopped onions, parsley and dill. If the crumbs do not similar about raw vegetables, so It is possible to give them at least twice and still seethe aqua replacement.

At this age a newborn already has a some teeth, however it may cope with small pieces of food. Читать полностью -->

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