Things to erase items child


Every mom on the birthday of your child thinks approximately what and as to erase items child. Many mums say detergent and bleach negative impact on a child's face, while others insist on a use of these funds in order to kill microbes. There are many features and rules of wash items newborn.

1st of all, before ablution clothes, should be closely examined on a item memo upkeep of items. Much frequently, children's clothes, particularly for sleeping, has some fire retardant qualities, so that a item is forbidden to Carefully wash in soapy water, in order to save the flame-retardant properties. The rest of clothes may be washed using soap or detergent.

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Is goat's natural milk for babies


Goat's natural milk sometimes credited entirely unique properties. Avicenna cured them a lot of diseases, such as diseases of a spleen. In the 19th century, along with goat milk cow fed babies started with a lack of warm natural milk from a mother. Then there was a myth of a unique benefits of goat's natural milk for the baby and a complete replacement of their mom's milk. But is it really?

All mammals, including man, are able to nourish your babies natural natural milk, which is balanced in composition and has unique beneficial properties for a given species. Thus, women's milk is the best diet food for babies, cow - calf and goat - for kids. Читать полностью -->

So to bring back a normal child baby sleeping


Common cause of insomnia baby is that parents are not created in a nursery the required atmosphere. Remember that warm and very dry air is not permitted. Do not forget to ventilate the placement, vacuum it and washing the floors. If you need to create best conditions for the rest, you want know that the temperature in the placement should be about the size of plus twenty degrees.

If a child newborn continues to act up, and refuses to sleep in the allotted time, so strive to do all day long in ordering to increase its energy consumption. To accomplish this extremely easily - do child massotherapy, have with it baby gyms, play and walk on the street. Momentous rule - do not overheat your child, keep in mind that the body and so much energy spent on it to maintain your body temperature. Читать полностью -->

Today on diapers.


The fact that the 1st month they should be ironed on both sides, we remember right. Here's however to wash? It is best to Carefully wash with ordinary baby soap. They may also zastiryvat and stains with feces. Diaper wish to rinse much comfortably. Very dry, of course, it would be good on a street but there is a sign of persistent grandmothers items a nice newborn may not be dried in a street to avoid the evil eye. Believe it or not - the business! But sometimes with much of diapers drying in the rooms develops mold, that much more dangerous for the newborn's lustiness, and a moms and dads too. Читать полностью -->

Eating newborn in 9 weeks is highly versatile.


At this age, a newborn is much healthy porridge - except millet. The grain from which to prepare porridge for a newborn, must long to seethe a water. Munk and oatmeal - 20 min, corn, barley, barley and buckwheat - a some hours. Alone following, when any semolina finally seethe, it is assorted with milk and however to boil again. When a porridge for the child is ready, it added cow butter - presently it is not necessary boil fine, baby is grown. And wipe a mess through a sieve may be only 1 time.

The most useful are yet buckwheat and corn.

At 9 months, the baby's time to give the crab dishes. Читать полностью -->

In which a aqua to bathe a newborn


Parents, earlier the 1-st swim of a child, always beginning to think about so a harm to a newborn what to do, that he likes, however to hold. But the most momentous problem - what is in the water to bathe a newborn, leaving of almost every new parents.

In fact, water plays a major role in the moment bathing child. It has to be the optimal temperature and keep about rules.

H2o status:

First of all, parents should to pick the type of h2o: tap, bottled or boiled. It all depends on the quality of water that flows with a tap. If it is cleared, so you can use it. And if there is a risk of catching infectious wand, you'd complete be prepared to bathe the newborn in the h2o.

Water softener is not indispensable to boil it. Читать полностью -->

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