To care about a child may need to:


- A stack of diapers;

- A box of cleaning napkins;

- Install of cotton sticks;

- Powder or cream for diaper;

- Butter (may be moisturizing and nourishing) for the aging body;

- Comb or duo;

- Wool or cotton balls;

- A thermometer to determine a temperature of the h2o;

- Child soap for the newborn;

- Jug of aqua, which would rinse the baby in the bath;

- Scissors for cutting nails;

- You may request a natural pump;

- Feeding bottles, nipples and careful;

Of course, based on the weather, It is possible to put more and more things, and if you enjoy to go a long technique, it is good to pick up the road more diapers and fresh food. May also be required and these things: crib, a changing desk baby dresser for children veshchichek, great stroller bag - kangaroos, a reservoir for swimming, and of course the 1st-aid kit for the child.

However to choose a right size of clothes for the baby, it is the simplest definition - the length of a body. For example, every other may be variant from a previous one around six cm, as that would be a sizing, you request to measure the evolution of the baby's regular measuring tape. However a rule, a average length of a child approximately fifty-fifty five cm, and the size of clothes for him begins with fifty-six, sixty-second, and so on.

All of his clothes should be comfortable, and most importantly safe for him. No demand to pick up things with a ribbon around a neck skin, and do not apply pins. Best is the clothes that can be worn complete a head is not, well, it at first, until he learn to hold it. For babies, the best clothing done with organic materials like cotton fabric, flannel, one hundred percent cotton jersey, cotton, and for knitted things, a wholly-owned wool suit. A face of your baby to breathe all the time, and it is extremely sensitive to a hypothermia, hyperthermia, and various infections. Buy all the clothes that It is possible to conveniently Carefully wash and iron, however it will have to be done regularly.

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